The adventures of Kory 'Flight of the Kiwi' The adventures of Kory 'Flight of the Kiwi'

The new action adventure graphic novel featuring Kory the Kiwi and his sidekick Gilbert the Gecko. This graphic novel for all ages is written and illustrated by Paul Martin and is sliding into your bookstores 2013.

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Meet new Zealand’s new action hero... with feathers!

In the north island of New Zealand, there is a place called Whale Bay. It is here, a little brown kiwi calls home. Kory and his friend Bert the green gecko, enjoy surfing and fishing. Adventure tracks these two characters and Kory often needs to use his...

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Meet the author

Find out more about who created Kory the kiwi and the book 'Flight of the Kiwi'

Paul Martin is an illustrator and graphic designer. Paul lives in Hamilton, New Zealand, where he is the owner of Riverstone Design Studio. This is his debut graphic novel...

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The adventures of Kory 'Flight of the Kiwi'